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History and origins

Land surveyors in Lanaudière
since more than 40 years.

Chaurette Robitaille Guilbault, land surveyors, is established in Repentigny since more than 40 years. The company founded by Yves Chaurette, land surveyor, has been in constant evolution thanks to a competent and committed staff.

Castonguay Robitaille Harnois, land surveyors, is established in Joliette since 2010 and was founded following the acquisition of Richard Castonguay’s office, also land surveyor who practiced in this town from 1970 to 2010, cumulating 40 years of experience.

Firmly established in Lanaudière, our company stood out from the crowd through the years by offering a high quality professional service from generation to generation. Over time, we have accomplished an impressive number of land surveys.

We have the experience and the field knowledge and we own the survey registries of many land surveyors practicing and having practised in the area such as: Yves Chaurette, Julien Turgeon, Jacques Guilbault, Richard Castonguay, Pierre Robitaille, Mélanie Chaurette, Pascal Guilbault, Jérôme Harnois, Simon Vigneault-Néron and Ève St-Pierre.

Ancient theodolites for angle measurement

Archives and registry documents

Geographic coverage

The strategic positioning of our offices allows us to respond, within a radius of 100 kilometres, to the majority of the needs of the population in Quebec. We own the survey registries of many land surveyors and we have participated to the accomplishment of a wide variety of cadastral renewals in the areas of Montreal and Lanaudière, which gives us an exceptional knowledge of the territory and property lines.

Our taste for adventure and our proud reputation have however brought us beyond the limits of our beautiful region. Thus, our firm has been achieving land surveys of all scales in every corner of Quebec and Canadian territories.


  • Corporation of Quebec Land Surveyors

    Founded in 1882, the Corporation of Quebec Land Surveyors became the Quebec Land Surveyors Order in 1974. The Order has for primary function to ensure the public protection through professional inspection, continuing education and discipline. It also determines the standards of practice and the rules guiding members in their professional activities.

Our social commitment

  • For several years, CRGH has been supporting and also been involved in these organizations and companies in order to make a difference in their living environment.