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Petrochemical Sites

Petrochemical SitesSupervision of lifting work

Some of our teams are specifically trained for work supervision and precision surveys on petrochemical sites. Our specialists have safety equipment to intervene everywhere help may be needed (gas detectors, personal protective equipment, etc.) Our intrinsically safe equipment can be used in potentially dangerous areas.

Our firm has participated to the erection of new tanks by supervising their 3D positioning. We are also actively involved in necessary soil compaction studies before using this type of structure.

Over the years, our teams have been assigned to the supervision of numerous large-scale projects, particularly for full construction of several production units in the East Montreal’s refineries. From the small anchoring to the highest chimney, we have installed with a great accuracy the required elements, assuring the success of our client’s projects.

Our clients turn to our services for lifting activities, cable replacement, adjustment of machinery, where our teams have to manage the work and verify the positioning of the structures.

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Petrochemical SitesTanks and production units of a Montreal’s refinery

Petrochemical SitesRack measurement and pipe petroleum products

Petrochemical SitesMichel Bertrand, responsible technician of petrochemical sites

Other specializations