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surveying equipment

Our access to technology allows our clients to benefit from a high-level of accuracy.

It is in a philosophy of forward thinking serving rigour and the accuracy of data, that our firm encourages the use of cutting-edge technologies. In fact, these technologies must represent an added value for the customer and not constitute development used at his expense. The technological tools we use are, with attention to rapidity and efficiency. They are employed after useful tests were validly made. If our firm invests in new technologies, it is first and foremost by the wise use of these that it is considered as a leader in the field.

Our firm has all the state-of-the art surveying equipment such as:

GPS Station

  • 7 total stations, two of them are motorized and three robotized.
  • 2 electronical levels of the first degree.
  • 8 high-precision GPS receivers.

For your 3D special modelling projects and volumetry, we have recently purchased the most powerful terrestrial LIDAR technology device on the market. The Leica ScanStation P20 scanner can quickly captures millions of points in a short period of time, and with and unparalleled precision. This technology allows you to add your projects an entire dimension. To discover the possible applications in your field, do not hesitate to contact us.