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About our projects

Thanks to our human values such as integrity, respect, professionalism and rigour, our firm has developed a satisfied and loyal clientele.

The far north

Since the early 2000s, our firm was led to produce major topographic surveys for planning of the road infrastructure of northern villages in Nunavik.

Thus, in order to provide engineers the necessary data to their work, we have established the dimensions of all roads, gravel-surfaced, as well as the land elevation on each side, up to the façades of the houses, in 13 of the 14 Inuit communities. We have also measured the paving of the streets upon completion of other paving work. These major projects have allowed us to develop an incredible knowledge of the villages, so we can better serve our customers through Nunavik.

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Our firm land surveyor’s expertise has served when we have been mandated to conduct the required surveying for the construction of a tunnel connecting the East Montreal’s refineries to the Port of Montreal.

After completing a full analysis of the landscape fragmentation, we had to develop technical descriptions with calculation of volumetry, to obtain underground easements on affected properties by the tunnel. All plans were produced in 3D, showing the complex geometry of the tunnel, which reflected to a curved cylinder, with variable slope and topped of a prism with two expansion chambers.

It involved a multi-faceted project gathering numerous stakeholders, and we are honoured for having contributed to the success of this important site.

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Airport antennas

More recently, our services in the field of high-accuracy surveying have been required the other side of Canada. Thus, on three occasions we have crossed the continent to implement and adjust antennas and other aerial navigation aids at the airport of Watson Lake in Yukon.

First, we have implemented the structures in designated areas at the far end and along the runway, we then returned for the final adjustment once the antennas are installed. Moreover, this final stage is crucial for the proper functioning of the equipment as the positioning of the antennas must meet the severe criteria of accuracy of NAVCANADA.

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Sports infrastructures

In recent years, the city of Montreal and its contractors called on our expertise for the rebuilding of the CEPSUM pool. We have among other things precisely established the pool construction axis so that the tile surface may be installed in accordance with the rules. Once the work is completed, we have had to verify the distances of different swimming lanes in order to provide to sporting authorities an approval certificate demonstrating that the infrastructures were ready to stage high profile competitions sanctioned by FINA.

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